In today’s day and age, every corporate understands the importance of the health and wellness of employees. The direct link that the well-being of employees has with the success and productivity of an organization is a reality that is well documented and accepted.

The rapidly changing scenario in terms of what all and how employees’ healthcare needs can be met makes it important for experience combined with innovation in finding and implementing appropriate solutions. And that is where a new-age healthcare management company like us, Allied Core Healthcare Management Services comes into the picture.

Proof of our capability and ability is the trust that a host of corporate have shown by making us their healthcare partner, within such a short span of existence.

Proven capabilities:


  • Providing end-to-end and customized healthcare solutions for any and every corporate.
  • To understand the requirement for a corporate and come up with a cost-effective and efficient solution.
  • Quick turnaround time – be it submitting a proposal or deployment of resources.
  • Single SPOC/ Account Manager for a corporate to ensure ease of communication and addressing of issues.
  • Deployment of quality Doctors, paramedics, and Ergonomics anywhere in India
  • Deep experience in ensuring compliance requirements are met
  • Pharmacy and Ambulance services in any form and size
  • 24×7 Medical standbys. Substitutes always on standby and deployed seamlessly. No disruption of services under any circumstance
  • In house recruitment team
  • Multiple add-on services and top-ups. Example: organizing health seminars on contemporary topics